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Must-haves for a Double Mastectomy


Female Mammary Architecture Demonstration – Breast Cancer and Mastectomy Principle – Sanjoy Sanyal

Educational Video created by Dr. Sanjoy Sanyal; Professor, Department Chair, Surgeon, Neuroscientist and Medical Informatician in the Western Hemisphere.

8-Year-Old Girl is Breast Cancer Free After Having Double Mastectomy

For months, 8-year-old Chrissy Turner went to bed each night hoping the strange lump in her chest would just go away. The little girl was terrified to tell her ...

Dallas: Miss Ellie finds out she may need a mastectomy.


Why Women Often Choose Double Mastectomy Over Lumpectomy

Breast cancer survivor and advocate AnneMarie Ciccarella explains her decision to have a double mastectomy, instead of a lumpectomy. \

Ask Laine: What to Wear after Mastectomy

KOKOON designer, Laine Sou, shares fashion tips for \

OSCE 3: Right Mastectomy


Dancing to her Mastectomy

The next phase of her battle with breast cancer for Lindsey Bubar was a mastectomy. During the weeks before her surgery she had viewed pre-op videos online ...

15 What is the recovery time after a mastectomy?


Reconstruction after a Double Mastectomy

Plastic surgeon Dr. Ritu Chopra joins breast surgeon Dr. Kristi Funk and Liz who underwent a double mastectomy to describe the process of reconstructing her ...

Pectoralis Major in Radical Mastectomy

These videos are designed for medical students studying for the USMLE step 1. Feel free to comment and suggest what you would like to see in the future, and I ...

Double Mastectomy Pillow

Ice pack pillow. For comfort dealing with the pain.

Day 3 after double mastectomy


Mastectomy Surgery at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas

Archana Ganaraj, M.D., breast surgeon on the medical staff at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas, talks about mastectomy surgery.

Day 6 post op double mastectomy and test results


Exercises After Breast Cancer Surgery

Learn about the exercises you should do after breast cancer surgery from Cancer Research UK. This video shows you how to do shoulder shrugs and shoulder ...

27 year old Bobcaygeon woman has preventative double mastectomy

This video is about 27 year old Bobcaygeon woman has preventative double mastectomy.


This is a set of simple exercises to prevent discomfort and swelling after Mastectomy.

Should I Have a Lumpectomy or a Mastectomy?

Dr. Jay Harness is often asked which procedure is best by his patients, a mastectomy or lumpectomy. Much of the breast tissue is spared with a lumpectomy.

A BRCA Story of Surveillance Through Prophylactic Mastectomy

DiepCfoundation is honored to interview Margaret, a BRCA 2 gene mutation carrier, who chose to monitor her risk for breast and ovarian cancer until her ...

Surgeon back at work after his own mastectomy in just 5 weeks

Renowned robotic GYN surgeon, Marc Winter's recovery from breast cancer.

How can breast cancer recur after a mastectomy?

Elizabeth Feldman, MD from Reston Hospital Center explains the risk of local recurrence in breast cancer patients. Learn more in this video.

Waking up from bilateral mastectomy


Preventative double mastectomy without reconstruction: recovery

Day 4.

Betty Ford Undergoes a Mastectomy - 1974 | Today in History | 28 Sept 16

On September 28, 1974, first lady Betty Ford underwent a mastectomy at Bethesda Naval Medical Center in Maryland, following discovery of a cancerous lump ...

19) Pre op bilateral mastectomy

Recorded March 6, 2017 7:10 AM.

Pathology results post mastectomy

Cancer update from www.fruitministries.com.

Mastectomy Recovery Exercises (Level 1 & 2)

FOOBIE FITNESS: BREAST CANCER RECOVERY EXERCISES (mastectomy/reconstruction) Safe and easy at home exercises to begin immediately following ...

Mastectomy Pillows Donated To WMC


Post Mastectomy Exercise Guide⎜Routine #1

This exercise routine is safe for post-surgery breast cancer patients. This routine is taught by Debi Jeans, a recent breast cancer survivor and fitness instructor ...

Post Mastectomy Exercises - Whole Exercise


Risks and benefits of preventive mastectomy with Christine Horner, M.D.

Randy Alvarez interviews San Diego Best Selling Author and Health Consultant, Christine Horner MD, about Genetic Predisposition for Breast Cancer ...

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